Monday, February 13, 2006

Free last minute Valentines Day gift

What's the one gift most women want more than anything, be it wedding anniversary, Valentines Day and especially...just because? A love letter.

Yes, it means spilling your guts, reaching into your heart and squeezing tight--all those emotional trauma thingies that many men would trade off nearly anything to not face. Here's a quickie love letter primer.

You already bought a Valentines Day gift, but it's still missing that je ne sais quoi? Want to increase its value to priceless? Present it with a love letter. Don't have fancy paper? Download a printable love letter background. Still having trouble coming up with one? Make up a love list instead. Here are Top 10 love list backgrounds.

You know those "honey-do" lists? Try a do-honey list. I'll bet this is one list your honey won't ever lose!

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