Thursday, February 23, 2006

Seniors in love: commited, but no marriage plans

Here's a wonderful story about an older couple who fell in love, but aren't getting married.

Some of us see our parents going through this situation, either divorced or widowed, meeting a love later in life but not wanting to get married as there can be too many legal and financial complications. They want to keep their own assets, make sure their own children inherit something, previous Social Security benefits may be lowered, the list goes on.

How do you feel about a parent living with someone and not getting married?


  1. My Father passed away almost 7 years ago and my Mom is now starting to date someone seriously. She is seeing this gentleman almost every night but she comes home every night as well. Because of my strong faith my gut reaction is NO WAY that would be sinful...But looking at this with a "concerned child's" perspective has left me wondering what she will actually do when/if that time comes...

  2. My mom was on the verge of dating again before she passed on at 80. While I was very happy that she could have love in her life again, I wondered how this would have played out if she had lived longer.

    Getting married when you're older is no longer a "done deal," there's a lot of considerations , especially financial, that can impact a couple as they get older. I hope you can give your mom your support and love no matter what she decides.