Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When losing your virginity once is not enough...

Thought that once a woman lost her viriginity, it was a done deal? Hah, there's nothing that a good plastic surgeon can't reconstruct!

A hymenoplasty reconstructs the hymen and its star-shaped center so that a woman will go through the "first time" pain and bleeding again. A reconstructed hymen does not make you a virgin again--technically, spritually, physically--once you give it up, it's gone forever.

A young woman can accidentally stretch or tear her hymen from a fall, athletics (such as cycling, horseback riding or gymnastics) or from the use of tampons, and due to ethnic or relgious reasons, may want to have her hymen intact again before she marries.

Some cultures value virginity so highly that a woman will not be able to be married without the semblance of virginity. This procedure is very popular in Latin America and the Middle East, but is fast becoming popular in the U.S.

This is not a procedure that will help a woman improve her sex life, although many women hope it will do just that, due to shady marketing practices.

Why would an older woman have a hymenoplasty? Jeanette Yarborough decided virginity would make a great 17th anniversary gift to her husband!


  1. I am hoping at a chance for "secondary virginity" through a choice to be celibate until/if I get married again after the divorce. I can't imagine wanting to experience the surgery/pain factor again but then again I am not a member of that culture and it will be on public record that I have been divorced. I can make the choice and get the same "rush" of the first time with a new spouse without the pain of the procedure or the cost...

  2. Ok maybe that was more than anyone wanted to know....

  3. Your choice is certainly another approach to a "second virginity"! It's not one I would make, but I give you much credit for being faithful to your values.