Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Happily Celebrate Their 60th Anniversary

It's really no surprise that the former President and his wife are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and are still happily married. But it is a surprise to find out that Carter admits to being "embarrassingly dominant" in the earlier days of his marriage.

However, at one point, Rosalynn put down her foot. During his 1970 governor's race, he asked her to pack his bag for him again. And she told him he could do it himself!

In love after all these years, Carter often gives her flowers and places a rose in a vase at her desk. What's a more simple and romantic dedication to their love than that?

Read about their earlier years of marriage and find out what makes them tick as a couple.

They're a couple who agrees to disagree: and in this case, make it work for them.

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