Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Uniquely Romantic Anniversary Gift

Do you stress out trying to figure out what anniversary gift to give your spouse? Diamonds, flowers, chocolate and gold: been there, done that.

A mystery buyer at an auction in England gave his wife a lake for their 40th anniversary. He paid £86,000 (nearly $152,000) for an idyllic lake set in the midst of 8 acres of woodland that is surrounded by farms.

Well, you may not have this much credit or available cash, but this could spark some unique ideas for making sure you have your own little spot somewhere to snuggle forever after!

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  1. With some coloured pencils and paper, draw a brightly coloured couple, holding hands with a smiling sun in the sky above them. Then draw a couple of labels and insert their names next to where they stand, and then draw a nive heart shape and inside write the words “I Love You”. Finally get a brown business type envelope, place your drawing inside and create the address label with “Private and Confidential. Now you mail it with next day priority delivery so your partner will be there to receive it just when they are having a very busy day.