Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why You Should Handwrite a Love Letter

We all love emailing and text messaging: it's easy and fast.

But there's a downside to sending a romantic love letter by email, especially when your relationship is new, or in this case, doesn't even exist yet.

John Dobbie met Kate Winsall at a party but had a bit too much to drink and well, he behaved in less than a gentlemanly manner. To make it up, he decided to send her an email apology. While writing it, he became inspired and wrote a passionate letter of admiration.

She was taken aback. Hey, she just met this guy a few days ago and forwarded the letter to her sister, who then sent it to her friends...and from there, it spread rapidly through the Internet. John began receiving so many phone calls he had to change his home and cell phone numbers.

Read about his touching love letter that circled the world.

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    Also we write it long and true.
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