Monday, August 07, 2006

How to P*ss Off Your Wife

Are you one of those couples whose relationship is going toooooo well? You're too happy and need to shake up things a bit? Well, this guy Steve has come up with a bunch of ideas that's sure to drive your wife completely wacko.

His theory?
The prospect of intimacy is a lot more exciting when you know that there's just no way you are going to get anywhere near her, and you have to find a way to win your way back into her arms.

Women out there? Any rebuttals? (That may be a pun, forgive me.)


  1. Interesting theory. Doesn't sound like a very healthy relationship to me. A loving marriage requires sacrifice and "giving in" at times. The more you focus on kind speech, loving acts and good communication, the less you will have to focus on "winning your spouse back."

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  2. I think he wrote this with tongue firmly in cheek, which is how I interpreted it. It does seem that many people take his post quite literally which I find rather extraordinary. Perhaps people actually do treat each other so horridly and actually feel these are actions a man would actually take.

    I hope not!