Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Love Mystery

A four-page love letter was found in a cigarette box donated to the Oxfam charity shop in Manchester, England. It was apparently written by an American serviceman named Walter (because of some of the slang in it) to his fiance, Toni. It seems as if it was written just before the wedding.

The staff didn't know who the donor was, as many people come in and just leave a bag of goods for them.

The store manager, Wendy Elliot says, ""This is such a beautiful and movingly written letter. It just brings home to you what ordinary people had to live through. I do hope Toni and Walt survived the war and found life-long happiness."

This is a very long shot, so I'm posting the contact info here: If you have any information about Walter, Toni or the cigarette box, contact the Manchester Evening News (U.K.) newsdesk at 0161-211-2468 or email: newsdesk (at)

Here's the entire love story.